Archiv verlassen und diese Seite im Standarddesign anzeigen : BMS Joint BFM/BVR training with the 1st VFW, 47th Dragon Fighters and 49th Black Diamonds

16. February 2017, 20:27
Hello Gents,
I would like to invite you for a joint BFM/BVR training evening where we can have fun and learn from each other.
This Thursday (February 23rd 2017, 19:30 GMT) we will host a training server where you can join, meet some people and fly with and against each other. As written above the goal is to have fun and learn a few things.

If you are new to BFM or BVR don't worry, we will have a small training lesson prepared for you to teach you a few things. Then we will set up an even fight, cause practice is the best way to get better in BFM/BVR.

The ATO is here (http://www.quasar-49th.de/briefing_tool/index.php?menu=4&id=13987&style=49th&tz=1)
Have fun and I hope well will have some pilots flying:)

16. February 2017, 22:17
Nice :daumen:

17. February 2017, 01:40
Unfortunately I can't be there that Thursday.

17. February 2017, 13:57
Wicked :bravo:

23. February 2017, 19:43